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Boat trips on the Limfjord

With the schooner MAJA

The schooner

The schooner Maja, sails trips all over the country, but is especially to be found on the beautiful Limfjord.

The ship is approved to be able to carry up to 75 passengers, and has a cozy salon in the deckhouse with room for 28, and a salon lower deck for about 60 dining guests.
Maja has now sailed the seas thin for more than 100 years, she was built in 1916-18 in the Netherlands as a fishing ship / ketch and in 1930 converted to a cargo ship and 3-mast schooner.
As a trip with Maja is not just a sailing trip, but also a cultural-historical experience of an old sailing cargo ship
We have solid experience in the industry, and are now entering the 22nd season with excursion sailing in Denmark and on the Limfjord in particular – first with the schooner Saga and in recent years, the somewhat larger bram sailing schooner MAJA.


Current this summer ….. 5-day Cruises on the Limfjord with accommodation at local inns and hotels along the way. See more and book with Nille’s travel here



The Limfjord is a calm water with a breathtaking nature that makes a boat trip with Maja a unique setting for a party or a company trip …. an experience that most people remember long after.

So let the fjord sky and MAJA be the setting for your next event. Here, your guests can try to help set the sails, and afterwards experience the ship gliding quietly away. – Or maybe just sit back and enjoy the view of the beautiful shores.


Also in connection with a meeting, conference or the like, a trip with MAJA can be a completely different change and a respite.
We hope you can find the information you need here, among other things. more about Maja’s story
good offers and prices otherwise you can contact us.

Maja is of course ISM safety certified and approved as a passenger ship by the Danish Maritime Authority. - All rights reserved 2022