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Where do we sail from? MAJA sails all over the country to order, but especially in the Limfjord, where we can call at Struer , Doverodde, Vildsund, Thisted, Nykøbing , Fur, Sundsøre, Skive , Løgstør, Aalborg and Hals.
We can also sail from / to Lemvig and Thyborøn but here we are quite dependent on it not blowing very much.
Virksund can also be sailed but it can be a challenge to find a place for the ship.

Booking: You can reserve a date / time for sailing without obligation for usually one week. If you want to book the ship definitively, we draw up a charter agreement, where so many details for the voyage, possibly. catering and payment are described – it is signed by both parties and a 1st installment of the ship rent is typically paid at 1/3 part. The rest of the ship rent / basic price is paid 30 days before the trip, and possibly. extra passengers and meals are billed after the trip.
If the customer cancels the trip, the paid ship rental is usually not refunded, but we are flexible in relation to finding another time for a sailing trip instead.
If we cancel the trip – all paid ship rent will be refunded. (this is carefully described in the charter agreement entered into).

Although we like to imagine that we are in the Caribbean Sea, we are in Denmark. Always bring warm clothes, ie .. mine. sweater / sweater and reasonably thick jacket, you always get more out of the trip if you do not freeze. Even though it is shorts weather ashore, it is almost always for long pants and sweaters on the water.

Children on board? We have a number of children’s vests (1-7 years) that the children can wear as long as they are on board. Not to be confused with the statutory vests for use only in emergencies.

What if it gets bad weather? Most of our guests obviously want high sun and light winds and some may be a little worried about bad weather. We do not even have control over the weather, but it is our experience that it does not mean the whole world. We have extensive experience in planning the sailing according to wind and weather. If the rain falls, you can enjoy yourself under the deck or a awning can be stretched over the deck.

Windy weather? In the Limfjord you can usually almost always find shelter and calm waters even if it is windy. Seasickness is very rarely a problem. The Limfjord is ideal for touring. We give high priority to the sailing not being uneasy, (an exception is Løgstør Bredning, where we do not normally plan sailings).

Planning? Our guests often have many wishes for the content of the trip, e.g. to visit an island, various ports. Time flies. Do not load the program in a fixed frame. Let wind and weather determine the pace – for once.

Bathing? It is not possible to swim from the ship. Our passenger insurance does not cover bathing from the ship. But you can bathe from land e.g. at calls at Fur and Doverodde. - All rights reserved 2022